Stephen Coyle

Stephen Coyle

Working with you encompasses that I work with the candidate, the employer and have a physical working relationship as a radiographer in a clinical role.

Medicoyle Resources is an independent specialised recruitment agency working within the field of Radiology. We provide placement solutions across Australia.

For candidates

Register with us and let us help you to relocate, take the next opportunity in your career, or chat about your options. We will match you skill sets and experience to a wide variety of clinical roles in  Australia.

We can provide placement for full-time, part-time and temporary work. If you are thinking of returning back to the workforce after a period of absence, we can help you get there too.

Please submit your CV and we can organise a friendly chat to discuss your personal circumstances and needs.

We encourage overseas candidates to Contact Us to discuss your application. Also check out our Getting Started for information on working in Radiology in Australia. You will find information about registrations and visas that you may require.

For employers

Having vast experience within radiology across the public and private sector as clinical practitioners and in multi-site management roles, we understand your business and your needs. Medicoyle Resources staff members continue to work as clinicians to ensure they understand the real needs of employers and radiology staff, and to maintain up to date industry regulations and requirements.

Medicoyle Resources can source the right candidate for your practice. Whether this is by recruiting local staff or sourcing candidates from overseas, we will find the people with the right skills and experience you are looking for. And if you are seeking a specific specialisation, we can assist with finding this special candidate too.

Please see our Employers page for more information.